API 2011

The Miniaturist from Steven Millhauser’s story: In the Reign of Harad IV
Adapted and performed by Katie Rose Pipkin, with Sandie Bowie, Emily Royall, Tamara Valdez, Parker Dority, Olivia Pepper.

Dream by Heather Jarry –  Original music by Elizabeth Warren

Longitude and Latitude by Parker Dority, with Gricelda Silva, Justin McGee, and Anna Fuenning

Breath by Ellen Scott, with Heather Jarry and Sebastian Turner Scott – Original music by Marita Bolles.

Punch and Judy Professor Faustus Headwound (Connor Hopkins)

Barbaric by Gricelda Silva, with Parker Dority and Rob Jacques

As Easy As… by Ellen Scott and Sebastian Turner Scott – marionettes by Cliff Scott – Original music by Bradley Kemp

Arbor Day by Zac Crofford and Rob Jacques, with Gricelda Silva

Bob’s Hardware by Caroline Reck, with Connor Hopkins and Zac Crofford – Music by Mark Stewart